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Customer Service Specialist

Welcome to GameBattles Customer Service.

GameBattles Customer Service Specialists are available to you to help with the following common issues:
  • Premium Matches and/or escalations - We can assist you as long it is has been over 24 hours since you submitted your ticket and a Support Specialist has NOT responded.
  • CMRS Matches - We CANNOT assist you with CMRS matches unless the outcome has been escalated. CMRS decisions are final.
  • Site Use - If you are new here and need help locating information, we will point you in the right direction.
  • Rules Questions - If you have a rules question, we are happy to assist you with understanding the rules.
If you need help with an in-game match issue, you MUST update the match status for your match. Doing so will immediately notify the Staff of your issue.

Support Specialists

MicahCustomer Support Supervisor@MLGMicah
SimonLead Customer Support Specialist@MLGSimon_
ChrisLead Customer Support Specialist@MLG_Chris_
MarkCustomer Support Specialist@FuriousMLG
Demetrius Customer Support Specialist@MLGMeechi
KoreyCustomer Support Specialist@MLGKitsune
BenCustomer Support Specialist@BigBen1248