Live Matches

GameBattles is home to some of the best players and teams in the world. Recently we have given teams and players the option to stream their matches through TwitchTV. Below you will find all current matches that are being streamed.
Ladder Team Rank Team Rank Watch
Ten to One Is Murder 245th ProooF 1275th
Ganjapreneurs™ 755th DoublesPV 1470th
Roman&Turds 907th Workable2 1522nd
Eroze 1st Team cK and V! 115th
Enslaved Gaming¥ 2027th UMGO > MLG -
Lucy mmmmmmm 1147th Kez is a random -
The Picudo Goons 746th Bane Comp 5643rd
tjrk and duo 1156th DarkestTurtle84 5659th
Spoder Sweg 1184th NJ>MI 2141st
Minor Threat 2v2 3361st JustReal_Bros 9138th
VisionaryGaming 482nd Katelin's backpack -
oh boy hehe 409th aL Gaming Gbsss 3649th
Assorted Kings™ 77th BasedGod Carries 238th
Selena Gomez ❤❤ 11th Team Invincible 176th
™SaxaPhone™ 14th singles | 1v1 72nd
Paradox :P 24th Team nMs 158th
WE DEM BOYSS 399th Phrygian 829th
The Dynasty You Love 53rd OOO Nah Nah Nah 90th
Where CP3 Happens. 134th The F'n Truth™ 372nd
brick squad 3hunna 319th Adaption 1662nd
Half Life 4v4 1355th GRVTY -
Team Glorified 105th Report Already 140th
Milky Way™ 15th The Nation™ 38th
New England Knights 22nd Bowso's Team 44th