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Thursday, June 18th 2015, 03:51 PM
Spring 2015 GameBattles Roster Lock

Spring 2015 GameBattles Roster Lock


The Spring 2015 Season on GameBattles is drawing to a close. Roster Lock will begin on June 28th at 12:00am EST and run through June 30th at 8:59pm EST. Make sure you have your team roster in order before this date. Teams that alter their roster after June 28th will no longer be eligible for playoffs.

You can review all information related to the Spring 2015 Season on any of the Arena Ladder Rule pages under the Playoff Section. Good Luck to all teams for the remainder of this season!

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High Society | v2 VS. Do Not Disturb l NOS

This match is not Premium.
Match Resolution:CMRS - Match Resolution
Match ID:30788541
Date & Time:Sun 11 Mar 2012, 5:15 PM EDT
MLG Variant:Yes - Use MLG Variant Gameplay
Radar Always On:Disabled
Secondary Launchers:Disabled
Camera Spike:Disabled
Tactical Insertion:Disabled
Motion Sensor:Disabled
Flak Jacket:Disabled
Match TypeRanked
Games (Best of...):3
Game 1 Map:Firing Range - Domination
Game 1 Host:High Society | v2 (14418810)
Game 2 Map:Hanoi - Search & Destroy
Game 2 Host:Do Not Disturb l NOS (14419155)
Game 3 Map:Havana - Capture the Flag
Game 3 Host:High Society | v2 (14418810)

High Society | v2 Match Players

Username Role Xbox Live Gamertag
IRONMANxACULeaderHowii is T1
killingisajob4CaptainTMG ProoFy
xplicit210MemberXpliciT is cP
CauhTionzMemberGun Sorrow

Do Not Disturb l NOS Match Players

Username Role Xbox Live Gamertag
-InteractLeaderInteract sT
Team G1G2G3 Final XP
High Society | v2---0-17
Do Not Disturb l NOS ---2+17