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Friday, December 19th 2014, 10:33 PM
Fall 2014 Season Roster Lock

As the end of the Fall Season approaches, it is that time again to implement the roster lock for playoffs. Roster lock for the fall season will begin on December 23rd at 9:00pm ET and end on December 31st at 8:59pm ET. Any team that plans on participating in playoffs must be created before this time. Once roster lock is in place, the lock cannot be lifted if your team wants to be playoff eligible.

A team's playoff roster will consist of the players that on a team's roster during this period.

Teams that override the roster lock will immediately be ineligible for playoffs on that ladder. Roster lock will not be reinstated for that team.

You can review the full playoff information article by visiting this link.

High Society | v2 VS. Do Not Disturb l NOS

This match is not Premium.
Match Resolution:CMRS - Match Resolution
Match ID:30788541
Date & Time:Sun 11 Mar 2012, 5:15 PM EDT
MLG Variant:Yes - Use MLG Variant Gameplay
Radar Always On:Disabled
Secondary Launchers:Disabled
Camera Spike:Disabled
Tactical Insertion:Disabled
Motion Sensor:Disabled
Flak Jacket:Disabled
Match TypeRanked
Games (Best of...):3
Game 1 Map:Firing Range - Domination
Game 1 Host:High Society | v2 (14418810)
Game 2 Map:Hanoi - Search & Destroy
Game 2 Host:Do Not Disturb l NOS (14419155)
Game 3 Map:Havana - Capture the Flag
Game 3 Host:High Society | v2 (14418810)

High Society | v2 Match Players

Username Role Xbox Live Gamertag
IRONMANxACULeaderHowii is T1
killingisajob4CaptainTMG ProoFy
CauhTionzMemberGun Sorrow
xplicit210MemberXpliciT is cP

Do Not Disturb l NOS Match Players

Username Role Xbox Live Gamertag
-InteractLeaderInteract sT
Team G1G2G3 Final XP
High Society | v2---0-17
Do Not Disturb l NOS ---2+17