GameBattles Alert
Tuesday, July 21st 2015, 10:09 PM
MLG Call of Duty: AW 250 Series Tournament Update
GameBattles has removed the requirement of having the two DLC packs, Supremacy and Havok, from the daily MLG 250 Series tournaments.
Below is the current map set for 250 Series Tournaments only:
  • Uplink - Bio Lab
  • Uplink - Comeback
  • Uplink - Detroit
  • Search and Destroy - Bio Lab
  • Search and Destroy - Detroit
  • Search and Destroy - Recovery
  • Search and Destroy - Riot
  • Search and Destroy - Solar
  • Hardpoint - Bio Lab
  • Hardpoint - Detroit
  • Hardpoint - Retreat
  • Hardpoint - Solar

The Supremacy and Havok DLC maps are still required for the MLG 2,000, 5,000, and 10,000 Pro Point Series.

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Thats Something Light VS. sadfdfsfa

Match Resolution:Support Specialist
Match ID:40809126
Date & Time:Sat 28 Dec 2013, 10:20 PM EST
Map 1:Search and Destroy - Octane
In-Game Support:Please use Live Support for any in-game issues, or No-Shows. It is imperative in Online Tournaments that you contact our Live Support immediately if an issue arises. Please report your matches immediately following the match to avoid any repercussions.
Match TypeRanked
Games (Best of...):1

Thats Something Light Match Players

Username Role Xbox Live Gamertag
-ImitateLeaderSwepT Imitate
SlushTheDonMemberJRich cT
GB_No_LiFeMemberSwepT KlutcH

sadfdfsfa Match Players

Username Role Xbox Live Gamertag
NadeshotLeaderOpTic NaDeSHoT
MethodzMemberFaZe Methxdzz
RickyMemberOpTic Rickay
Team G1 Final XP
Thats Something Light-0-
sadfdfsfa -1-