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Thursday, September 11th 2014, 01:31 AM
Disconnection Rule Update

Today we have updated host and player disconnection rules to help create a more competitive experience on Gamebattles. All changes are covered below and will take effect at 3:00 AM Eastern September 11th.

  1. If a player/host disconnects during the initial launch of a map, the map will be restarted. The initial launch is defined as within the first 30 seconds or before the first kill.
  1. A team can start a map shorthanded unless it is for a "Kill Dependent Gamemode" (Team Deathmatch, Slayer, Kill Confirmed).
  1. If a player disconnects after the initial launch in a Kill Dependent Gamemode the team that had a player disconnect would forfeit the current map.
  1. If a ladder has a specific rule for disconnection issues that rule would override the rules below.

Host Disconnection Round Based

  • If the hosting team disconnects during a round based game mode (Search & Destroy) the hosting team would forfeit the round. 5 minutes will be given for the host to get back and restart the map. If the host does not rejoin within 5 minutes, another player on the hosting team may start the map and play shorthanded. Failure to start within 5 minutes will result in a forfeit. Please keep note of the round count and play the remaining rounds to determine a winner.

Host Disconnection Map Based

  • If the hosting team disconnects during a map based or Domination game mode they would forfeit that map.  

Player Disconnection Round Based

  • If a player disconnects mid map in a round based game mode (Search & Destroy/Domination) the current round will continue. Before the next round the hosting team will end the game or the opponent will leave the map. 5 minutes will be given to allow the player to reconnect. If the player does not reconnect the team may play shorthanded. Failure to be ready within 5 minutes is a forfeit of the map. Please keep note of the round count and play the remaining rounds to determine a winner.

Player Disconnection Map Based

  • If a player disconnects mid map during a map based game mode the map will continue to the end unless the game mode is Kill Dependent (Slayer, Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed) then the team whose player disconnected will then forfeit the map.  If the map is not kill dependent the player may be reinvited while the map is still in progress unless otherwise specified on the rules page for that arena.

hVc | Team Havoc

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Team Ladder Team

hVc | Team Havoc
Team ID:
Jan 9, 2012 by iCasey

Dispute Percentage: 5 %

hVc | Team Havoc Stats

Season Place MP W L GF GA SO Pct Strk B.Strk Level XP
Spring 2013-000000---
Winter 2013-000000---
Spring 2012-000000---
Winter 20128th 1151150231121031.000115W115W
All-Time 115 115 0 231 12 103 1.000 115W 4,519

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GET SLAPPED KlD Leader - 5 % Mar 14, 2013 Thu 14 Mar 2013, 9:27 PM EDT