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Match Resolution Leaderboard

  • Who: All users who have voted on a match correctly are ranked on this leaderboard.

  • What: The Match Resolution Leaderboard shows those users who have voted on matches with the correct outcome determined by the community.

  • How: In order to be ranked on this leaderboard and move up on it, you most vote on matches correctly. By selecting the correct outcome of a match in the Match Resolution System, you will receive more XP. On the other hand, voting incorrectly on matches will cause you to lose XP, and fall in the leaderboard.

  • Where: our rank for this leaderboard is shown here. If you participate in other games, your leaderboard ranking for those games, will be on their respective Match Resolution Leaderboard.

Player Rankings

Rank Name XP Gender State Country Twitter
1st Vapoureon 540 M NS CA -
2nd Ohvercome 248 M NB CA -
3rd -impatience 204 M GA US -
4th PrecincTT 197 M TX US -
5th BeamRifle 166 M TN US -
6th sharpRvison1 137 M CA US -
8th Xenization 135 M AL US -
9th bobbiewobbie 122 M NY US -
10th -TennisKid- 120 M CA US -
11th a_Criminai 115 M TN US -
12th ZingZangZoom 91 M CO US -
13th Arbin_ 90 M PA US -
14th spudd09 89 M NY US -
15th PocketCheese 78 M CA -
16th MSLF- 75 M CA US -
16th cashmerekilia 75 -
18th -Pioneer 74 M IN US -
19th iRitch 71 M MO US -
20th Vaxun 66 M CA US -
21st bubudubu 64 M LA US -
22nd InSaNE_LEGACY 63 M MO US -
23rd BK_Phamous 60 M UT US -
24th Simply_Real 59 M NC US -
25th krownSTAINS 54 M TX US -
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