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Monday, June 11th 2018, 06:00 PM
Spring 2018 Playoff Roster Lock

Roster Lock will go into effect June 16th at 12:00 AM ET*

All rosters must be finalized by this point and no changes are permitted after this point

Making a roster change will void your playoff eligiblity

  • Anyone new to playoffs or just need a refresher, please read the Arena Playoff FAQ.
  • Playoff Team Eligibility Requirements:
    • Team must be created before June 16th 12:00am ET.
    • Team must play at least 1 match between June 16th 12:00am ET - June 30th 9:00pm ET.
    • Teams may not override the roster lock. The following will override roster lock;
      • Role changes (Leader,Captain,Member),
      • Updating Gamertags/PSN IDs
        • Gamertags/PSN IDs must not be unlinked during roster lock.
      • Adding/removing players.
    • Team must have the minimum required players listed on the playoff schedule. 

*Please check the Spring Playoff Anouncement for details on which arenas will run playoffs this season.

Madden 25 2000 Series Tournament Kickoff

Status: Completed
Price: 20 credits  per player
Size: 64 teams

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Madden 25 2000 Series Tournament Kickoff

  • Price: 20 credits  per player
  • Registration Starts: Tue 30 Jul 2013, 12:00 AM EDT
  • Registration Ends: Fri 30 Aug 2013, 5:50 PM EDT
  • Tournament Bracket Play Starts: Fri 30 Aug 2013, 6:00 PM EDT
  • Tournament Bracket Play Ends: Fri 30 Aug 2013, 11:58 PM EDT
  • Tournament Schedule: Friday 6:00 PM EDT
  • Tournament Type: Single Elimination
  • Tournament Size: 64 Teams
  • Minimum Team Size: 1 Player(s)
  • Maximum Team Size: 2 Player(s)
  • Players In Match: 1 v 1
  • Games Per Round: 1
  • Pro Points: 1000 Series SE

  • PlacePoints
    1st1000 Pro Points
    2nd600 Pro Points
    3rd400 Pro Points
    4th400 Pro Points
    5th300 Pro Points
    6th300 Pro Points
    7th300 Pro Points
    8th300 Pro Points
    9th200 Pro Points
    10th200 Pro Points
    11th200 Pro Points
    12th200 Pro Points
    13th200 Pro Points
    14th200 Pro Points
    15th200 Pro Points
    16th200 Pro Points
    17th100 Pro Points
    18th100 Pro Points
    19th100 Pro Points
    20th100 Pro Points
    21st100 Pro Points
    22nd100 Pro Points
    23rd100 Pro Points
    24th100 Pro Points
    25th100 Pro Points
    26th100 Pro Points
    27th100 Pro Points
    28th100 Pro Points
    29th100 Pro Points
    30th100 Pro Points
    31st100 Pro Points
    32nd100 Pro Points

Come join this 1v1 Madden NFL 25 2000 Series Kickoff Tournament!

  • One Day Tournament -  August 30th starting at 6:00 PM EST
  • Single Elimination Bracket
  • 20 MLG Credit Entry
  • Eligible for US Residents only.
  • The MLG Online Tournament Community must be used for all matches.
  • For all Settings, Rules, Eligibility/Limitations, please visit the Rules tab.
  • Each 1st place player will receive 2,000 Pro Rank Points.
  • On-side kicks only allowed if losing in 4th quarter.
  • 21 Point lead w/ possession will result in win. (Make sure you obtain VALID proof before leaving game or quitting, VALID proof consist of gamertag of you and opponent in video)