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Sunday, February 1st 2015, 01:49 PM
2015 January GameBattles Newsletter!
January 2015 - Starting the year off with a bang!
As promised, we decided to kick off 2015 with some great new additions to GameBattles. From free Tournaments to GameBattles very own channel, below you can read all about what we accomplished this month and a sneak peak at a few things you can expect for February! 
January started out with a bang for Online Tournaments! We hosted a 100% FREE Premium tournament for all GameBattles Premium members. Our Premium members went head to head to earn a spot at the top to collect a $500 prize. In the end team "Premium 500 Squad" took first place for $400 cash with team "Revenge" coming in 2nd, collecting a cool $100. To show our appreciation to our Premium members we will be hosting more Premium Tournaments throughout the 2015 Winter Season (click here for dates and times). And don't forget, if you already aren't a Premium member, be sure to grab your 1 or 3 month membership today. You don't want to miss out on some free cash!
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Changes to MLG Pro Points
Major League Gaming made a huge change in how Pro Points are earned here at GameBattles. Instead of gaining points based on ladder placing, everyone gets a chance to win pro points when ladder matches are won. That's right! All you need to do is win a match on any eligible Arena and you will receive +5 pro points. This gives ALL GameBattles users a fair chance at earning some big points that will matter in the end. Make sure to play and win as many matches as you can to work your way to the top! To see how many pro points you have earned or are pending visit your GameBattles profile and click "points log".
GameBattles channel! 
Our very own GameBattles channel was launched this month! We will be using this channel for all sorts of exciting activities such as streaming Online Tournaments, Staff Vs User matches & possible cool giveaways. We appreciate any feedback or ideas you may have so make sure to use our feedback section and let us know! And of course tune in when you see it live on!
January GameBattles Community Events
Running through February, we are holding the Superbowl XLIX & Valentines Day events for all GameBattles users! Complete 49 matches between 1/19 - 2/1 and you will receive the nifty Superbowl football badge displayed below. And if you don't have any plans on Valentines day, you should make sure you play 10 matches to earn the emoji badge displayed below. Last but not least on February 15th we will be giving out free double XP for both team & personal rank!
Thanks for reading! We'll see you in February with some cool, new stuff!

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