ACL 4v4 MLG Variant 5K Series 23-11 Tournament

Status: Completed
Size: 64 teams

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Online Tournament

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Item Restrictions
Game Play


  • Any setting not listed below should not be changed from its default state within the private match lobby.
  • The hosting team is responsible for setting up a private lobby match with the correct settings and the correct map. If the hosting team starts the game with the wrong settings, it will result in penalties for that map/mode. Please refer to the Penalties section of this rules page.

General Settings

  • Pre-Match Timer: 15 seconds
  • Pre-Round Timer: 5 Seconds
  • Dynamic Events: Enabled
  • Map ScoreStreaks: Enabled
  • Team Switching: Enabled
  • Spectating Team Only
  • Spectating POV: First Person
  • KillCam: Enabled
  • Mine-Map: Normal
  • Battle Chatter: Disabled
  • Announcer: Enabled
  • Force Respawn: Enabled
  • Wave Spawn Delay: None
  • Suicide Penalty: None
  • Team Kill Penalty: None
  • Hardcore Mode: Disabled
  • Health: Normal
  • Health Regen: Normal
  • Friendly Fire: Enabled
  • Explosive Delay: None
  • ScoreStreak Delay: 10 Seconds
  • Selections Allowed: 13


Game Mode


  • Time Limit: 10 Minutes
  • Score Limit: 250 Points
  • Activation Delay: None
  • Location Order: Normal
  • Respawn Delay: 2.5 Seconds

Search and Destroy

  • Round Length: 1.5 Minutes
  • Score Limit: 6 Rounds
  • Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds
  • Plant Time: 5 second
  • Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds
  • Multi Bomb: Disabled
  • Round Switch: Every Round
  • Silent Plant: Enabled
  • Number of Lives: 1


  • Time Limit: 10 Minutes
  • Score Limit: 20 Points
  • Satellite Count: 1
  • Carrier Armor: Normal
  • Carry Score: 2 Points
  • Throw Score: 1 Point
  • Reset Time: 15 Seconds
  • Respawn Delay: 5 Seconds


  • Time Limit: 10 Minutes
  • Capture Limit: Unlimited
  • Winning Condition: Flag Captures
  • Flag Auto-Return: 15 Seconds
  • Pick Up Time: None
  • Enemy Carrier Kill Icon: Delayed
  • Respawn Delay: 5 Seconds

Modes and Maps

  • Hardpoint - Bio Lab
  • Hardpoint - Detroit
  • Hardpoint - Retreat
  • Hardpoint - Solar
  • Search and Destroy - Bio Lab
  • Search and Destroy - Detroit
  • Search and Destroy - Recovery
  • Search and Destroy - Riot
  • Search and Destroy - Solar
  • Search and Destroy - Terrace
  • Capture the Flag - Ascend
  • Capture the Flag - Bio Lab
  • Capture the Flag - Retreat
  • Uplink - Bio Lab
  • Uplink - Comeback
  • Uplink - Detroit

Item Restrictions

Any item not listed below is allowed to be used in this competition. Use of any of the restricted items below are subject to the penalties listed in the Penalties section of this rules page.


  • All Secondary Launchers
  • All Primary Specials
  • All Supply Drop Weapons


  • Grenade Launcher
  • Akimbo
  • Tracker

Exo Launcher

  • Tracking Drone
  • Explosive Drone

Wild Cards

  • Bombardier

Score Streaks

  • UAV
  • Orbital Care Package
  • System Hack

Score Streaks Modules

  • Bombing Run Carepackage
  • XS1 Goliath Recon
  • All Support Modules

Exo Abilities

  • Ping

Game Play

  1. All matches for this competition are expected to be played at the scheduled match time listed on each teams' match page. Tournament start and approximate end times are listed on the info tab for this competition.
    • After losing a match in a single elimination tournament, that team will be eliminated from the competition.
    • The Map(s) and Game Type(s) for this tournament will be generated for the players. Players are required to play the specific maps and game types listed for each match. Verbal agreements to play different maps and/or game types may not be acknowledged by support staff.
    • Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals will be played as a best of 5 series.
    • Matches may not be rescheduled except for finals. Rescheduling a finals match will be at the discretion of Online Tournament Staff
  2. All teams/players have a 15 minute grace period from the match scheduled time to show up and play their match. If a team does not show up by the end of this grace period, an OLT Support Specialist must verify the no show. Please contact a staff member via the Online Tournament Live Support. Once the staff member joins, extra time up to 10 minutes may be given to ensure the match is played.
    • Teams have 5 minutes between each map/game mode. If a team/player goes over this grace period, please follow the above steps for support.
    • For game modes that are not kill dependent, teams may only play shorthanded by one player. Any missing player may join the private match lobby at any time.
    • For game modes that are kill depended, teams may not play shorthanded.
  3. No warm-up or practice Games are permitted once the first tournament match has begun. If a match is played before the scheduled time, it will not be considered a warm-up and will count as the official scores.
  4. Third party communication is allowed for this tournament. (i.e skype, TeamSpeak, Party Chat, etc.). However, players must be able to communicate with any staff member that joins the lobby.
  5. Players not on any of the teams' rosters should not be allowed into the private match lobby at any time. If a player not listed on a team's roster joins the match and disrupts the game play or does not leave in a timely manner, the host should end the game.
  6. If a player lags out during the first 30 second or before the first kill the map or round, the game should be ended and restarted for all game modes.
    • The team who lost the player should either leave the game, switch to spectator mode, or end the game if that team is host.
    • For Search and Destroy, the map should be resumed from the scores prior to the player losing connection to the private match lobby.
  7. If a player lags out after the first 30 seconds and/or after the first kill, the match must continue.
    • For Search and Destroy, CTF, and Uplink, the current round must be completed. Once that round has ended, The team who lost the player should either leave the game, switch to spectator mode, or end the game if that team is host during the intermission between rounds.
  8. Any form of cheating, glitching, abusing in-game mechanics, unsportsmanlike behavior, or use of restricted items is forbidden. These offenses are subject to the penalties listed in the Penalties Section of this rules page. Please contact Online Tournament Support via Live Support to receive assistance with these issues.
    • In Search and Destroy, planting the bomb in a position where it cannot be defused while in any of the player stances will be considered abuse of in-game mechanics.
    • In Search and Destroy, picking up and/or defusing the bomb through a solid object will be considered abuse of in-game mechanics.


  1. Hosting refers to the team that creates a Private match lobby. The team “hosts” the Map by creating the Private match lobby and creating the custom game in accordance with the information on the match page and this rules page. On many games, the individual player that created the room also often hosts the game on his/her connection. On other games, the connection is hosted by in-game servers. Please note that the use of the term “Host” below applies to the individual that creates the Custom Game Lobby.
  2. In a best of 3 series, The higher seeded team will choose to host 1 or 2 games. The team with 1 host chooses which map they want to host first, the team with 2 hosts gets the remaining games.
  3. In a best of 5 series, The higher seeded team will choose to host 2 or 3 games. The team with 2 hosts chooses 1 first, then team with 3 hosts chooses 1, then team with 2 hosts chooses 1, then team with 3 hosts gets the remaining two games.
  4. All players must agree that the Host is reasonable before the start of a Map.  If a reasonable Host cannot be found, Tournament Live Support MUST be used to request an OLT Support Specialist to help decide who will host the map. If an OLT Support Specialist is not available, the best Host should be used.
    • We highly suggest that a lag test be performed before the start of each map. If a lag test is not performed, it  will be implied that all players agree the host is acceptable to play on.
  5. Once gameplay has begun, the host may not end the game. The only exception is if a player lags out/loses connection to the server(refer to rule 6 and 7 under Gameplay) or if an outside player joins and disrupts the match.


  1. Tournament support can be requested by creating a Support Ticket or Live Chat.
    • Tournament Question/Issues category should be used for issues with registration, missing tournament achievements, and general tournament questions.
    • For all tournament match issues, the 'Solve My Dispute' category should be used. This will direct the ticket to the appropriate section.
  2. All accusations of cheating or violation of any of the listed rules require proof for Support Staff to enforce any penalties and to make the best informed decision. Burden of that proof is on the accusing party.
    • We highly suggest that as many players as possible take pictures and/or video of their matches.
    • If no proof can be provided of a cheating accusation, the results of the match will stand.
  3. Tournament Staff have the final decision in all matters related to this competition.
    • If a player feels the decision is unjust and/or goes against the rules listed for this competition, an Arena: Staff Report ticket should be submitted for review. Please include any information and proof pertinent to the issue.
  4. Abuse of Online Tournament Support Staff will not be tolerated in any form. This includes verbal abuse in matches and written abuse on Live Support, Support Tickets, and messages sent over the game console.


  1. Settings:
    • For Search and Destroy, the hosting team will forfeit all rounds where the incorrect setting(s) affected the game.
    • For all other game modes, the hosting team will forfeit the entire map if the incorrect setting(s) affected the game.
    • If a map is hosted out of order, the hosting team forfeit the map that was played out of order.
      • In example, if Bio Lab is second map and played first, the hosting team will forfeit Biolab. First map will need to be played.
  2. Restricted Items:
    • For Search and Destroy, use of any restricted item will result in the loss of the round(s) the item(s) were used in if it affected game play.
    • For all other game modes, use of any restricted item will result in the loss of the entire map if it affected game play.
  3. Abusing In-Game Mechanics
    • For Search and Destroy, the round were an unfair advantage was obtained will result in the loss of that round.
    • For all other game modes, abusing in game mechanics will result in the loss of that map.
    • Repeated abuse of in game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage will result in the loss of the entire match.
      • The offending player will be suspended from the site for up to thirty (30) days.
  4. Cheating
    • Use of controllers that modify the firing rate of any weapon will result in that team forfeiting the entire match.
    • IP Flooding (DDoS Attacks) of your opponent will result  in immediate disqualification of that team. All players on that team will be suspended from the site.
    • Use of a modified/jail broken console will result in the immediate disqualification of that team. All players on that team will be suspended from the site.
      • The player using the modified console will be suspended indefinitely. The rest of the team will be suspended for up to ninety (90) days.
  5. Evading Ban and/or Non-Amateur Status
    • Any player found evading a severe site ban or one related to Online Tournaments will immediately be disqualified from this competition.
    • For Amateur tournaments only, any player found evading their Non-Amateur status will immediately be disqualified from this competition
    • If that player participates in any part of the match during the first tournament round, that team will forfeit the map(s) played.
    • If that player participates in any part of a match after the first tournament round, that team will be disqualified from the competition.
      • The offending player(s) will be suspended from the site for up to ninety (90) days for evading a ban and up to thirty (30) days for evading amateur status.
  6. Account Recovering XBL or PSN Accounts
    • Tournament participants are forbidden to allow others to play in this competition in place of them by sharing XBL or PSN accounts. The offending the team forfeit the entire match.
      • The offending players will be suspended from the site for up to thirty (30) days.
  7. Lack of Cooperation
    • Failing to comply with Support Staff's directions and/or requests may result in the forfeit of round(s), a map, or the entire match.
      • Verbal or written abuse of a staff member will result in a suspension for up to twenty (20) days.


  1. Eligible for Australia and New Zealand.  Only one (1) prize per household per Tournament. Employees of MLG, the Tournament's participating sponsors and their advertising agencies, and members of the immediate family of any such persons, are not eligible to participate and win. For the complete list of restrictions/limitations, please visit the prize tab. Any team found using a restricted player may be disqualified from the tournament without a refund of credits.
  2. Users must utilize their own unique username for competing on GameBattles. This unique username must have been registered on GameBattles personally by you the user. The registered username must contain the correct and complete Name, Address, and Email of the user. If a false Name, Address, or Email was entered, the user voids the privilege to participate in the event and or receive any prizes.
  3. As the tournament participant, you are personally responsible for accepting any invitation to a team. If you do not personally accept a team invitation, you may be disqualified from competing. You also forfeit the ability to receive a prize. If you join a Tournament team from a proxy IP address, you risk being disqualified from competing.
  4. Definition of Non-Amateurs: Players that have won a cash prize from any Online Tournaments or Ladders for the game and console on which the tournament is being held. If a player takes credits in place of a cash prize, they are no longer considered an amateur and are ineligible to play in amateur tournaments.  If any player is found playing on a team that falls into one of the above categories, the whole team will be disqualified and credits will not be refunded. Anyone living in the same household as a Non Amateur player will also be considered non Amateur and are not allowed to participate in Amateur Tournaments. If someone is caught playing in an Amateur Tournament and any other accounts from that household are non-Amateur the team will forfeit their match and the player will be banned along with the non-Amateur account.
  5. Any player that is currently banned for any tournament related or severe site misconduct on one account is not permitted to compete in Online Tournaments until the penalty has expired. Any player found evading an Online Tournament ban by using a secondary account will be disqualified from the tournament without a refund of the credits used for entry. If this player has played in any map/match in the tournament, that team may be disqualified from the tournament.
  6. In game IP checks will be administered at the discretion of the Online Tournament Staff. This will ensure no one is account recovering and attempting to play on another person's account. Anyone found to be cheating will be suspended from the website. However, IP checks will not be be given after the match has been completed.
  7. If any team fails to report an issue with their tournament match that results in their opponent being disqualified later in the tournament (i.e evading amateur status), credits will not be refunded to that team. All issues with a tournament match must be reported to tournament staff before or during the match.
  8. If leadership of a tournament team is transferred to another member of that team, that person gives up all team editing privileges(adding/removing players, disbanding team, ect.). This includes any player/team "credit sponsors". As a warning, credits will not be refunded for any players the "credit sponsor" pays for if he/she is removed from the roster after leadership is transferred.
  9. Any changes to a team roster after the tournament has been seeded is at the discretion of tournament staff. This includes changes to Xbox Live Gamertags, PSN IDs, IDs, etc. Players may only be added to a roster (username and gamertag) up until the end of that team's first match. All players must play on the Xbox Live Gamertag, PSN, IDs, etc that are on the tournament roster. Coaches and Team Managers are not permitted in the lobby once a match starts.
  10. Users are prohibited from sharing account information stored on GameBattles with another person for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to the following: usernames, passwords, gamertags, email accounts, etc. If another person accesses your account, you may be disqualified from the event and removed from GameBattles. This includes giving out your password to allow others to account recover your XBL Gamertag or PSN. In the event an account is stolen, the account creator is responsible for any lost credits/damages to that account.
  11. Players may only stream this competition's matches on Anyone streaming on any other platform is subject to disqualification from this tournament.
  12. Tournament bracket size and prize are subject to change based on the total number of eligible teams at the end of registration.
  13. The rules are subject to change at any time before the registration deadline, so check them often. In extremely rare cases, rules may be altered after the tournament has started.
  14. Participation in this competition constitutes entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to these Rules, the Official Rules on the Prize tab, and Referee decisions, which are final and binding in all matters related this tournament. Winning a prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein.