Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Alert
Friday, November 16th 2018, 07:00 PM
CWL Ruleset Updates - November 16th

Effective 11/16 @ 7:20 PM ET

For CWL Variant matches, players MUST set up the lobby manually instead of selecting the CWL Variant gamemode. In addition, when setting up the lobby, please enable "Competetive rules" found in the "HEALTH AND DAMAGE" section of the custom game rules setting. 

This change is effective for all CWL matches, including this weekends 2k and National Qualifiers. 

 This is due to Torque being restrcted when selecting the CWL Variant gamemode. Once Torque is able to be selected in-game when using the CWL Variant gamemode, we will allow players to select CWL Variant when creating the lobby.

CWL Ruleset Changes: 

Maps removed:

  • Hardpoint: Contraband, Summit, Slums
  • Search & Destroy: Firing Range, Seaside
  • Control: Payload, Jungle

The following are no longer restricted in CWL:

  • Sensor dart
  • Torque
  • Hellion Salvo

New Setting Added: 

  • Control
    • Teamkill/Suicide Reduces Lives: Enabled

Setting Altered:

  • All gamemodes
    • Select Spawn: Disabled 

EU 2v2 Search & Destroy 11-08 Tournament

Status: Completed
Price: 10 credits  per player
Size: 64 teams

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