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Match Time Games Details Mapset Premium
Match 1
Dispute % 2
1v1 Matches
Available Now3Details

Match Type: Ranked

Date & Time: Available Now

Players: 1v1

Best of: 3

Gameplay : Use Standard Gameplay

Hardcore Mode: Disabled

Mini Map Radar: Normal

Grenade Launchers: Disabled

Claymore X 2: Disabled

C4 X 2: Disabled

Frag X 3: Disabled

RPG-7 X 2: Disabled

Special Grenades X 3: Disabled

Juggernaut: Disabled

Killstreaks: Disabled

Search and Destroy Score Limit: 4

Default - Random Maps-No0 %
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  1. Premium Match - In order for a match to be considered a Premium Match, at least one team participating must be premium at the time of the match.

  2. Dispute Percentage - This is the combined dispute percentage of all of the teams members.