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Match Resolution Leaderboard

  • Who: All users who have voted on a match correctly are ranked on this leaderboard.

  • What: The Match Resolution Leaderboard shows those users who have voted on matches with the correct outcome determined by the community.

  • How: In order to be ranked on this leaderboard and move up on it, you most vote on matches correctly. By selecting the correct outcome of a match in the Match Resolution System, you will receive more XP. On the other hand, voting incorrectly on matches will cause you to lose XP, and fall in the leaderboard.

  • Where: our rank for this leaderboard is shown here. If you participate in other games, your leaderboard ranking for those games, will be on their respective Match Resolution Leaderboard.

Player Rankings

Rank Name XP State Country Twitter
98th Rolfeez- 35 PA US -
102nd DrillsPronto- 34 AB GB
102nd playedSyke 34 DE
102nd DannyPitt95 34 GB -
102nd Kakkapissa 34 IL US -
102nd cadenp 34 WA US -
107th EvOd3mon 33 GB -
108th KingFullmerV2 32 ID US -
108th Shermandize 32 FL US -
108th JxmieBoyd 32 GB
108th Mr-Wallstreet 32 AB CA -
112th JGL13 31 TX US -
113th opticreckz 30 GB -
113th Zoochh 30 NY US -
113th daddyslobster 30 CA US -
116th Feud_L96 29 GB -
116th PlzDontPeek 29 FL US
116th TheeDon-x 29 GB -
119th IIAchillesxx 27 AB CA -
119th NN13_Hustler 27 GB -
119th Goldie98 27 NJ US -
119th SecreT_RefleX 27 TN US -
119th yourstruly41 27 NY US -
119th xXiProXx 27 PA US
125th DriftStudios 26 TX US -
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