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Thursday, August 22nd 2019, 10:00 AM
Summer Missions - Week 4

Week 4 of the Summer Missions community event is now underway!

Mission 1 | Ace!
Kill every member of the opposing team in a round of S&D
(Minimum 3v3)

Mission 2 | Go Team!
Win a match with 0 Kills
(Excluding BR Survival Modes)

Mission 3 | Backpack
Win a match with 3x the amount of score than the next highest teammate

Mission 4 | Ninja Defuse
Win a Round by defusing the bomb while at least 1 member of the opposing team is alive





Go Team!


Ninja Defuse


Note, the Double XP Weekend has moved and will now take place on August 30th - September 1st. Enjoy the Modern Warfare Alpha on PS4 this weekend!


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Doubles (Global) Ladder Team

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Match Results

Ranked: Unranked Record: 3 - 1 Team XP: +15
Ranked: Unranked Record: 0 - 0 Team XP: -15
Match Roster
+5.44 XP
+5.44 XP
Match Roster
-5.44 XP
-5.44 XP

Match Details

Status: Completed
This match is not Premium.
Match ID:78078238
Date & Time:Sun 28 Apr 2019, 2:20 PM EDT
Games (Best of...):3
Match TypeRanked
Match Resolution:CMRS - Match Resolution
Gameplay:Use GameBattles Variant Gameplay
Host Region:Europe
Game 1 Map:District - Search and Destroy
Game 1 Host:ollaantodellahuonoja (33036223)
Game 2 Map:Crossfire - Search and Destroy
Game 2 Host:Bo4 sucks (33025863)
Game 3 Map:Backlot - Search and Destroy
Game 3 Host:ollaantodellahuonoja (33036223)
Match Rules