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Thursday, August 15th 2019, 10:00 AM
Summer Missions - Week 3

Week 3 of the Summer Missions community event is now underway!

Mission 1 | Ace!
Kill every member of the opposing team in a round of S&D
(Minimum 3v3)

Mission 2 | Go Team!
Win a match with 0 Kills
(Excluding BR Survival Modes)

Mission 3 | Backpack
Win a match with 3x the amount of score than the next highest teammate

Mission 4
Revealed August 22nd





Go Team!


Revealed 8/22


Eyyy Mannen

Call of Duty: World War 2 Singles (EU) Ladder Team

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Date Time Opponent Status Result XP View
Sun 15 Apr 20187:00 PM EDTNOT GOOD ENOUGHCompletedWon0
Sun 15 Apr 20186:15 PM EDTATThackerCompletedWon0
Sun 15 Apr 20184:40 PM EDT^4 Lunyyy ^2TunesCompletedWon0
Sun 15 Apr 20184:15 PM EDTResentfuICompletedWon0
Sun 15 Apr 20182:00 PM EDTGCSgCompletedWon0
Wed 28 Mar 20183:35 PM EDTI need help plsCompletedWon+16
Sat 16 Dec 201712:35 PM ESTdoneCompletedWon+23
Sat 16 Dec 20178:35 AM EST^9O ^7N ^9L ^7Y ^9W'sCompletedWon+25
Fri 15 Dec 20177:10 PM ESTTime To Take OverCompletedWon+17
Fri 15 Dec 20176:25 PM ESTVelocityUKCompletedWon+17
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