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Tuesday, November 13th 2018, 04:50 PM
CWL Ruleset Update

The new Black Ops 4 update introduced CWL Variant settings into custom games! For all matches using CWL Variant, please use the CWL variant of the gamemode when setting up the custom game. For example, select "CWL Search & Destroy" instead of "Search & Destroy".

In addition, for all CWL Matches, best play is now Enabled.


Call of Duty: World War 2 Singles (EU) Ladder Team

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Date Time Opponent Status Result XP View
Sat 10 Feb 20186:30 PM ESTinKzCompletedLost-25
Tue 6 Feb 201810:10 AM ESTJanxy EUCompletedWon+11
Sun 4 Feb 20187:15 AM ESTPlay Team CompletedWon+7
Sun 4 Feb 20185:20 AM ESTGraciousTrack8CompletedWon+7
Sun 4 Feb 20184:40 AM ESTBo1 Style.CompletedWon+7
Sat 3 Feb 20181:55 PM ESTEL3CTR0isBACKCompletedWon+11
Fri 2 Feb 201812:25 PM ESTAIR FORCE 1CompletedWon+8
Fri 2 Feb 201812:00 PM ESTSSSHHH rosingCompletedWon+8
Fri 2 Feb 201811:40 AM ESThadyyCompletedWon+8
Fri 2 Feb 201810:15 AM ESThxttie I love youCompletedWon+11
Sun 28 Jan 20188:05 AM ESTmutanttininjaturtlesCompletedWon+30
Sat 27 Jan 20186:40 PM ESTDhshsh CompletedWon+32
Sat 27 Jan 20186:25 PM ESTezziziCompletedWon+36
Sat 27 Jan 20186:10 PM ESTmutanttininjaturtlesCompletedWon+36
Sat 27 Jan 20186:00 PM ESTRouletteCompletedWon+32
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