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Thursday, February 14th 2019, 12:00 AM
Double XP is now Live!

As part of the GameBattles Valentines Day Community Event, Site-Wide Double XP is now live until 2/17 11:59 PM ET!

Playing solo this Valentine's Day? You'll be in good company in today's Forever Alone FFAs.

PS4 8:45 PM ET

Xbox One 9:45 PM ET

Players in the final heat will be awarded a broken heart Profile Badge

Remember, if you activate a Double XP Day while a Double XP multiplier event is active you will earn Triple XP! All premium members receive 1 free Double XP day per month.

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Match Results

Ranked: Unranked Record: 18 - 2 Team XP: +12
Ranked: Unranked Record: 0 - 0 Team XP: -12
Match Roster
+7.66 XP
Match Roster

Match Details

Status: Completed
Premium Match
Match ID:74434461
Date & Time:Wed 29 Aug 2018, 1:30 PM EDT
Games (Best of...):5
Match TypeRanked
Match Resolution:Support Specialist
Matchmaking Region:NA-East
Gameplay:Battle Royale - Most Kills
Tie Breaker: Replay:Disabled
Game 1 Map:Fortnite - Battle Royale
Game 1 Host:jit (31438738)
Game 2 Map:Fortnite - Battle Royale
Game 2 Host:jjhtt (31473107)
Game 3 Map:Fortnite - Battle Royale
Game 3 Host:jit (31438738)
Game 4 Map:Fortnite - Battle Royale
Game 4 Host:jjhtt (31473107)
Game 5 Map:Fortnite - Battle Royale
Game 5 Host:jit (31438738)
Match Rules