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Ranked: Unranked Record: 0 - 0 Team XP: -
Ranked: Unranked Record: 0 - 0 Team XP: -
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Match Roster
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Status: Completed
Premium Match
Match ID:74370584
Date & Time:Sat 25 Aug 2018, 4:00 PM EDT
Games (Best of...):5
Match TypeRanked
Match Resolution:Support Specialist
Game 1:Strongholds - The Rig
Game 2:Slayer - Plaza
Game 3:Oddball - Echelon
Game 4:Capture the Flag - Truth
Game 5:Slayer - Refuge
Support:Please contact OLT Live Support to receive assistance with any match issue. All no-shows MUST be verified by Support Staff to receive a win.
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