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Monday, August 14th 2017, 12:00 AM
Double XP is Now Live!

As part of the GameBattles Summer Community Event, MLG Rank and GameBattles Team Double XP is now live until 8/20 11:59 PM EST!

Remember, if you activate a Double XP Day while a Double XP multiplier event is active you will earn Triple XP! All premium members receive 1 free Double XP day per month.

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  • 3v3 NBA 2K17 08-20

    NBA 2K17 Online Tournament
    Registration Ends: Sun 20 Aug, 8:10 PM EDT
    Tournament Begins: Sun 20 Aug, 8:15 PM EDT
    Bracket Size: 32 teams (Single Elim)
    Total Teams: 4 teams
    Min/Max Team Size: 3 / 4 player(s)
    Prize: $220.00 / 15 MLG Credits