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Official MLG Wiki Launches!

Posted by subtheorist, on Sep 21 2007 12:46 PM

Major League Gaming recently unveiled the newest feature to hit The Official MLG Wiki aims to be the ultimate resource for competitive gaming information found on the web. This section of the site will soon become a plethora of factual competitive-gaming-related content. Much like the MLG Game Room, the wiki is created, edited, and published by the community. In light of this, every member of GameBattles is strongly encouraged to take part in building the database of information. Together, the MLG GameBattles communities can help create a collective wealth of competitive-gaming knowledge.

At this time, there are no restrictions regarding which games you may create an entry for. From SOCOM, to Call of Duty, to Ghost Recon – we hope to see you actively involved in the creation of your community’s wiki. Currently, a very basic form of the wiki is available containing mostly MLG Pro Circuit-related information. With your help, it will eventually become populated with many, if not all, of the games supported on GameBattles.

Editing the wiki is simple. By clicking “Edit” near any entry, you’ll be able to create, modify, or add to any specific information. If you happen to stumble across a link which leads to a page not yet created, feel free to fill in any information you can provide on the particular subject. Preview any edits before saving to become familiarized with the wiki’s coding scheme. If any issues occur along the way, click on “Help” in the left-hand navigation bar. From within, you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions by beginners. Please keep in mind, although the wiki’s content is user-dictated, any abuse or exploitation of the features provided will result in disciplinary action. Treat your fellow user with respect and, above all, keep it clean!

Although fully functional, the Official MLG Wiki is currently in Beta form. If you’re having trouble accessing the wiki:

1. Go to the homepage:
2. Sign out of your account
3. Sign back in
4. Head over to the wiki

Direct Link: