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Fall Season '07 Ladders Launch!!

Posted by Stealth, on Oct 08 2007 10:37 PM

GameBattles is excited to announce the launch of our Fall Season '07 Ladders!

The debut season on the new GameBattles, the launch of a new season marks the reset of the ladder standings on almost all of our arenas. This fall season will also usher in a host of new games to the site, with some already filtering their way into mainstream GB.

As with the end of any season here on GB, the Seasonal Playoffs are upon us! With the new playoff code near completion, we are looking forward to making the Playoff experience as simple and fun as possible on the new GB.

If you are reading this post and wondering why you aren't a part of the action, you can visit any of our many arenas, and create a team immediately!

May the best teams win the playoffs, and thank you for gaming with us here at GameBattles. Let the Fall Season begin!