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Fall Season '07 In Full Swing

Posted by subtheorist, on Oct 22 2007 8:02 PM

As you’ve probably noticed, the Fall Season ’07 is in full effect here on GB. With the help of Old Spice and MLG, the stakes for a single season have never been higher, and we hope you’ll take part in the action. Check out the Old Spice Experience page for a full listing of rules, details, and prizes.

If you haven’t already, transferring your clan into the new season is simple. Visit your “Ladders” page for the ladder you wish to enroll in. In place of “View Your Team”, you’ll find a link to “Enroll Your Team In This Season”. If you have management capabilities within your clan, it will allow you to quickly transfer all clan information, players, and historical records.

Quick and easy, it is just one of the many ways that the new GameBattles continues to revolutionize online competitive gaming.