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Top 3 GB Videos of the Week #1

Posted by subtheorist, on Nov 02 2007 12:02 PM

Today marks the debut of what will become a weekly series on GameBattles. The Top 3 GB Videos of the Week will showcase the community’s filmmaking skills across a wide variety of GameBattles arenas. Each week, three past or present videos will be selected and featured on the homepage. To get involved, first upload your videos to the MLG Game Room. Once uploaded, simply post the video inside your respective arena’s Video Forum and automatically become eligible for the following week’s selections. Now that you’ve been educated, here are your Top 3 GB Videos of the Week!


Shiestyy A.K.A. Tom Brady


This pass is one for which you never want to be on the receiving end. In a recent GameBattles match between Team 9mm and 3rd Degree, Sheistyy puts his plasma grenades to good use, as he sticks an unsuspecting opponent from across The Pit


The Little Rascals Preview


Two words come to mind: mildly disturbing. Shadowrun native, BugsPray, uploaded this video as a preview to an upcoming video titled “The Little Rascals.” Although extremely vague, it does a great job of leaving the viewer with many unanswered questions. We’re looking forward to the final product!


Blood n Glory's First Montage 


And now, we leave you with nine minutes of pure domination. Long-time GameBattles user and MLG Pro Circuit veteran, Blood n Glory, displays the type of skills needed to earn the respect of the Rainbow Six Vegas community. See you next week!