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Old Spice Update: Week 5

Posted by subtheorist, on Nov 06 2007 2:27 PM

In light of the multiple sponsorships GameBattles has received for the Fall ’07 Season, we will keep you updated on the status of the sponsored ladders throughout the duration of their seasons. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we will give you the rundown on both the Old Spice- and Navy-sponsored ladders on the homepage.

Each week we will discuss numerous topics relevant to these ladders, which will include clans on the move, clans who have fallen in the rankings, and high-profile matches that have taken place during the week. To kick things off, let’s touch base on the state of the Old Spice-sponsored ladders.

Old Spice’s involvement with GameBattles is undoubtedly providing for one of the highest-valued prize pools ever available for a single season. With four arenas currently being sponsored and nearly $10,000 dollars in prizes up for grabs, clans are approaching this season with more dedication and enthusiasm than ever before. For a full listing of prizes, rules, and details, head to the Old Spice Experience Open 2008 page.

One trend we have continually seen since the announcement of the sponsorship is teams from this year’s MLG Pro Circuit making roster adjustments and reforming to take a shot at the money. One such clan is Vision. With clan leader Mr Puff at the helm, Vision currently sits atop the rankings of the Gears of War MLG Team Ladder with an impressive record of 45-4. Trailing them by a mere 70 XP are Vicious Intentionz. With only one win, the team could possibly take Vision’s number-one spot, adding to the already overwhelming pressure of the Fall Season.

Across the site, one of the most sought prizes is the Halo 3 flyaway package, in which this season’s champs will be flown to the MLG Pro Circuit event of their choice during the 2008 circuit. Currently on an undefeated, 56-game winning streak, the Dirty Ghetto Kids seem to have the Clan Ladder in a proverbial choke hold. We will see if their domination continues in the coming months.

In the realm of Rainbow Six Vegas, one clan to watch is Section 8. This group of gamers are no strangers to GameBattles competition, as they have participated in multiple arenas across the site for years upon years. Possessing the 11thspot at the moment, look for Section 8 to make some noise as the season progresses.

Be on the lookout for next weeks’ Old Spice Update as we check in on Shadowrun and continue our in-depth coverage of the Fall Season.