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Amateur MLG Pro Point Tournaments

Posted by SaltyMegaByte, on Apr 23 2015 4:05 PM

After reviewing feedback and suggestions from the community, GameBattles/MLG will be hosting the first Amateur MLG 1000 Series Pro Point tournament on May 1st! This tournament is different from the daily GameBattles Amateur tournaments as these MLG 1000 series are open to those ranked Diamond and below on the MLG Pro Points Leaderboard for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and that player's region. We want to give all players a home for competitive gaming while moving up the ranks in the Call of Duty competitive community.
  • All eligible players must be ranked Diamond and below on the preceeding Monday before the tournament.
  • Below is the rule that only applies to the Amateur MLG Pro Point tournaments. This is not to be confused with the GameBattles Amateur Ruling.

Players that are ranked as "Pro" or "Semi-Pro" on the All-Time MLG Pro Points leaderboard for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. If any player is found playing on a team that falls into one of the above categories, the whole team will be disqualified and credits will not be refunded to all players of that team. Anyone living in the same household as a MLG "Pro" or "Semi-Pro" player will also be considered a MLG "Pro" or "Semi-Pro" and are not allowed to participate in Amateur Pro Point Tournaments. If a MLG "Pro" or "Semi-Pro" is caught playing in a MLG Amateur Pro Point Tournament and any other accounts from that household are a MLG "Pro" or "Semi-Pro" the team will forfeit their match and the player will be banned along with the MLG "Pro" or "Semi-Pro" account.

Registration is open for the North America MLG 4v4 Amateur 1000 Series tournament and Europe MLG 4v4 Amateur 1000 Series tournament on Friday, May 1st.

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