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Summer Kickoff Community Events

Posted by Ron, on May 21 2015 7:19 PM

 GameBattles is proud to announce our Summer Kickoff Community Events. We will be featuring a new event each day starting Saturday June 6th, 2015 and ending Saturday 13th, 2015 with a badge event running the entire duration of the event.

Summer Kickoff Achievement Event

Play 40 Matches between June 6th 12:00 AM ET - June 13th 11:59 PM ET

Vote for the achievement you would like to win in this community event by clicking here. The achievement with the most votes will be used as the community event achievement for the Summer Kickoff Community Event.


Event Schedule

June 6th: Double XP Sitewide (Team & Personal)

June 7th: 5 Credit Summer Kickoff Advanced Warfare Xbox One Tournament

June 8th: 25% Off Record Resets

June 9th: 25% Off Username Change Sale

June 10th: Custom Forum Title Changes (Click Here to See How)

June 11th: Free Escalation Day

June 12th: 40% Off A la Carte Sale for Premium Members Only

June 13th: Triple XP Sitewide (Team & Personal) was oringally Double XP however, since there was Double XP due to the NHL Community Events we made this day a Triple XP day.

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