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Fall Season Playoff Wrap-Up

Posted by GB_Official_News, on Feb 21 2008 5:04 PM

All across GameBattles, four months of blood, sweat, and tears were poured into the Fall ’07 Season. With the help of Old Spice and the US Navy, the collective incentive to compete had never been higher in the site’s four-year history. Some teams competed for cash, some competed for consoles, and many others competed for trips across the country.

As of this week, the Fall Season ’07 has officially come to a close. The fruits of many teams’ labor have paid off in large dividends; meanwhile many others were left empty handed. Regardless of their level of success, it’s safe to say that everyone gained something from the Fall Season ’07 – the experience of playing under a highly pressure-intensive environment.

With that said, GameBattles is proud to announce the winners of our Old Spice and US Navy sponsored Fall Season ’07 Playoffs!

Old Spice Experience Open 2008

Halo 3

Champions: Team Classic
Prize: Flyaway package to the MLG event of their choice during the 2008 Pro Circuit

Gears of War

Champions: Lethal Inject
Prize: $2,000 USD

Rainbow Six Vegas

Champions: Frag Dominant
Prize: $2,000 USD


Champions: Team 1080
Prize: $2,000 USD

US Navy Sponsored Playoffs

SOCOM: Combined Assault

Champions: Metallic & Metallic Jr.
Prize: A trip for two to the US Navy SEAL training facility in California; Two Playstation 3 consoles; Two copies of SOCOM Confrontation


Champions: Legal & ^_*
Prize: Two Playstation 3 consoles; Two copies of SOCOM Confrontation

From everyone here at GameBattles, congratulations to our winners and expect to see even more high-stakes competitions in the near future!