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Top 5 GB Videos of the Week #11

Posted by GB_Official_News, on Feb 22 2008 5:51 PM

Here we go again! The Top 5 GB Videos of the Week are back to point the spotlight on a few of GameBattles’ finest virtual filmmakers. In case you missed it, last week we announced the addition of two extra videos in our weekly feature. The announcement was met with a positive reaction from the community, as it gives even more users a chance to get their videos showcased. With that said, let’s jump straight into the action!



Blood n Glory / Hop3z Dualtage

One of the finest Rainbow Six Vegas dualtages we’ve seen to date. Through the use of great editing and seven minutes of fantastic footage, this video is the epitome of what the Top 5 GB Videos of the Week are all about.

ExSqUiZiT H3 Trailer

Acting as a prequel to a future montage, ExSqUiZiT teases us with what should turn out to be an amazing final product.

Dynazty AG Headshots

Taken from a GameBattles clan match, Dynazty AG puts his magnum to good use as he repeatedly humiliates his opponents. We enjoyed his choice of music too!

GRAW 2 Staff vs Community

Staffs vs. Community matches have been around almost as long as GameBattles itself. Here we have some footage of a recent SvC match from the GRAW2 arena.

DropDead’s First Montage

You didn’t actually think we’d forget Call of Duty 4, did you? Here we have DropDead's first endeavor into the world of montages. We hope to see more from him in the future.