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GameBattles Discord Server Rewards Program

Posted by adammcd, on Oct 14 2017 6:00 PM

 GameBattles is excited to announce the launch of our GameBatttles Discord Server Rewards Program! With Profile Badges & Free Double XP Days up for grabs make sure you're a member of our Discord Server!

  • 6 New Discord Themed Profile Badges
  • Double XP Days awarded as you level up your GameBattles Discord Profile.

Day One Reward

All Verified GameBattles Discord Server users who joined the server prior to this announcement have received the following badge with our thanks <3

Reward System

As you participate in the GameBattles Discord Server you will earn GB Discord XP which will level up your GB Discord Profile. As you level up your profile you will earn rewards at the following levels;

Level 5  
Level 10   Level 15

Double XP

Level 20   Level 25

Double XP

Level 30   Level 35

Double XP

Level 40   Level 45

Double XP

Level 50  

Each Further
5 levels

Double XP

Each message (Spam protection in place) you send will award an amount of GB Discord XP towards your GB Discord Profile. GameBattles Premium Members receive a 50% GB Discord XP Boost on all messages sent!

In order to get started once you join our server, you must Verify your GameBattles Profile. To do so, please follow these steps;

To verify, simply type ?autoverify followed by your GameBattles username. For example, ?autoverify adammcd is how I would verify. Please ensure you are using your own GameBattles username to verify as this is the account which will receive rewards!

Rewards will be allocated in batches and may take up to 7 days to appear on your account (Likely much sooner!). If you have an issue with a reward, such as not receiving it, please contact a member of staff in the #Chat-With-Staff channel on Discord.

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Badge created by community member -NukimZ_

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