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Top 3 GB Videos of the Week #12

Posted by GB_Official_News, on Feb 29 2008 5:36 PM

Welcome to the Top 5 GB Videos of the Week! Over the past few weeks, The GB Game Room’s success has continued to grow exponentially, and with it, the quality of submissions has continued to rise as well. We’re ecstatic to see the GB Game Room take off in a big way, and urge you all to keep submitting those videos!

This week we’ve selected a grab bag of videos from a variety of different games – some serious; some just plain silly. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!



Legends Never Die Trailer

The Fridge and Dagus Star put this awe inspiring piece together as a trailer to their upcoming dualtage, titled Legends Never Die.


Waterdog Old School 4v1

Watch as Waterdog clutches a 4v1 in an old-school Team Unforgiven vs. UOD Black match.


Omni vs. Bad Co. KOTH

Check out this footage from a recent Halo 3 arena match on Construct KOTH. Bad Co, consisting of such names as Hokum, Foulacy, and Cpt Anarchy, take on Team Omnislayer in a match that exemplifies why every second counts in MLG King of the Hill.


Exhilarate – A CoD4 Project

Clocking in at a whopping 11 minutes in length, Notoriety raises the editorial bar once again with this highly entertaining Call of Duty 4 video. We expect to see many of these special effects replicated in future montages.


The Rosanne Barr Dance

There’s something unusually satisfying about making a video game character dance. Here we have the Rosanne Barr. We don’t know how it got its name, and quite frankly, we don’t want to find out. Nonetheless, we admire our Gears of War community’s creativity!