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Monthly Community Event - September

Posted by adammcd, on Sep 26 2018 5:00 PM

Monthly Community Event - September 2018

GameBattles is continuing our Monthly Community Events with Double XP & Staff vs Users Community Matches! Stay tuned next month for a special GameBattles anniversary event!

Double XP

All matches played site-wide on GameBattles will receive Double MLG Rank XP this weekend!

  • Site-wide Double MLG Rank XP
  • Starting: Friday 28th of September
  • Ending: Sunday 30th of September

Staff vs Users

Test your skills against our Staff Members in a variety of different games throughout the weekend! When available, staff members will post matches into the #Staff-vs-users channel. 


GameBattles Discord 


Various Times


Register for matches when posted be following the instructions posted.

Be sure to sign up for alerts on when matches are posted as those who sign up first will be chosen to play!

GameBattles Premium Members have a 5 Minute head-start on all registrations.

Did you know?

GameBattles Discord Members can earn Free GameBattles Double XP Days just by chatting with other GameBattles Players? Check out all the rewards avaialble to our Discord Members here.

Start levelling up your GB Discord Profile today!

Win an SvU Match

Lose an SvU Match

Event runs 9/28 12:00 AM EST to 9/30 11:59 PM EST

Activate a Double XP Day this weekend to receive triple MLG Rank XP! Premium Members receive a free Double XP day each month. 

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