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October Premium Tournaments

Posted by Nick, on Oct 04 2018 4:00 PM


GameBattles is excited to reveal our lineup for October Premium tournaments! This month we have several thousand dollars in premium prizing up for grabs for Black Ops 4. In addition to this months premium tournaments, we will also have other exciting plans for October that we can't wait to announce. Don't miss your chance to win a share of the prizes!

This article will be updated with sign up links as tournaments become available for sign up. 

What are Premium Tournaments?

Premium Tournaments are Free Entry, Cash Prize Tournaments that only GameBattles Premium Members can enter. There is no limit to the amount of tournaments you can particpate in each month.

Not a Premium Member?

Want to get in on the action but you aren't premium yet? With the release of Black Ops 4, there has never been a better time! Not only do you get to participate in free entry premium tournaments, you also get of exclusive features on GameBattles, such as:

Premium match support
Instant match eligibility
Discounted Double XP days, username changes, and record resets
One free double XP day each month

To sign up for GameBattles premium, and to see the full list of features, click the image below!

Fortnite - Cross Play

Date Region Size Gametype Prize  
10/6 2v2 Battle Royale $1,000 Link

Black Ops 4 - PS4

Date Region Size Gametype Prize  
10/12 5v5 SnD $1,750 Link
10/13 5v5 SnD $1,250 Link

Black Ops 4 - XB1

Date Region Size Gametype Prize  
10/13 5v5 SnD $750 Link
10/14 5v5 SnD $1,250 Link


In addition to this months premium tournaments, we can't wait to share with you all of our other plans later this month! We are dedicated to providing the best competitive experience, and this Call of Duty launch will be one to remember.