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Introducing PayPal Payouts!

Posted by Nick, on Nov 26 2018 12:00 PM

GameBattles is happy to announce that we now support PayPal as a payout method for prize claims! PayPal withdrawals are much quicker and more accessible than other payment options. We are confident that this highly requested feature will be a much better experience for all GameBattles players. Not only is this a huge upgrade over pre-existing withdrawal options, we are also pleased to announce that PayPal withdrawals have zero fees! We strongly believe that the prize you win on GameBattles is your money, and that you should keep it.




Q: Where do I provide my PayPal email?

A: When claiming your prize claim, you will be prompted to enter your PayPal email address.


Q: Once I claim a prize, how fast can I expect to receive the prize through PayPal?

A: Our goal is to make daily payments on business days (ie Monday - Friday excluding US holidays). You can expect to receive your prize within 3 days. 


Q: Will you continue to support Dwolla withdrawals?

A: No, we will no longer support Dwolla prize claims. However, PayPal offers a similar service and has many of the features that you are used to, and many more! In addition, PayPal's support is much broader, and we are able to send prize claim payments to almost any country.


Q: I have a pending prize claim. Can I switch the payout method to PayPal?

A: Yes, we are allowing pending prize claims to be switched to PayPal. However, some prize claims are too far into the payout process for us to switch the payout method to PayPal. Please add a prize claim comment, and we will be happy to check if we are able to switch your payment method to PayPal.


Q: Will you support other payout methods?

A: Yes, we will still support accepting the prize as MLG credits and via a check. However, we strongly recommend accepting the prize claim as PayPal, as you can expect to receive the prize quicker than a check. 

Q: I have more questions, please help!

A: Please contact the customer support team through Live Chat or Email here.


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